Leaders In The Community

As directors + managers of non-profits and charities, we understand that prioritizing the financials can be challenging with so many day-to-day issues to deal with. This is where Lucid comes in: we work directly with you to streamline your bookkeeping, accounting and payroll operations.

We will also assist you in building and refining your budget. Once a solid budget has been developed, we will then work together on revenue generating activities.

Board Meetings

We understand the importance of board meetings and the AGM. We will sit down with you beforehand and go through every element of the financials to ensure you are comfortable in articulating the financial information. We also attend board meetings to assist the director and managers in breaking down financial information and explaining to the board and community what financial direction the organization may want to take.




Lucid provides in-depth training to directors and managers who want to understand the inner workings of the financials within their organization. We will train you on all aspects of payroll, bookkeeping, budgeting and accounts receivable and payable.